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Enhance your Google rankings and skyrocket your sales with our AI-powered Backlink Building Services

Just provide your website and target keywords, and we’ll generate up to 100,000 SEO backlinks each month to supercharge your organic reach.


Why Choose Our Backlink Services?

💯 Premium backlinks with an Ahrefs Rating (DR) over 70

🛡️ Completely secure, adhering strictly to Google and search engine protocols, backed by top-tier industry knowledge and practices.

🌐 Multilingual compatibility – not limited to English sites and backlinks

🔗 Perfect for various websites, including e-commerce platforms like Shopify & WooCommerce, as well as Facebook Pages, YouTube channels, IG profiles, and more!

😎 Effortless: No need to access or modify your website

❓ Could Google potentially flag these as spam?

Our expertise ensures this won't happen. We specialize in creating "content-related" backlinks, meaning our posts and articles are closely aligned with your niche or topic. These are premium-quality web 2.0 white hat, contextual dofollow links, carefully curated to enhance your website’s performance. Every backlink comes from reputable sources with high domain authority (DR70+), emphasizing both quality and relevance to significantly boost your website’s ranking and visibility. Our approach is Google update-proof, strictly adhering to search engine protocols to safeguard and optimize your SEO efforts.

❓ Could adding numerous links to my website have negative effects?

Rest assured, while we place all links within 10 days of your order, they don’t appear on your website all at once. We use drip-feed technology to gradually index them over 30-60 days. This slow integration prevents any red flags or disruptions from Google’s algorithms.

❓ What's the process like? Do I need to do anything?

Once you place your order, you’ll receive an email with a form. Just provide your website’s URL and desired keywords—no direct access to or modification of your website is required. We will create all requested backlinks within 10 days and systematically index them over the next 30-60 days. To ensure continuous progress, we generate a new batch of backlinks every 30 days.

What We Offer

Is your website struggling to attract organic traffic? Are you having trouble finding it on Google for your target keywords?


You have an exceptional website, but it’s receiving minimal visits due to its low ranking on Google! 🥶

Backlink building is a crucial metric in search engine algorithms. The more reputable links direct to your website, the greater its perceived authority, prompting Google to elevate its position in search results! 🙌🏻

By incorporating thousands of top-tier external backlinks, we significantly enhance your website’s credibility in Google’s eyes, leading to a notable improvement in your search ranking! 📈

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We Generate High-Quality Backlinks for You at Scale and Speed (Ahrefs DR of 70+)

Backlinks act as endorsements from credible websites, signaling to Google the value of your content. Quality is paramount, as backlinks from authoritative sources greatly impact your SEO.

At Geografixx, we specialize in providing premium backlinks from websites with an Ahrefs DR of 70+. Using advanced AI technology, we create impactful backlinks across blogs, articles, and various platforms. These authenticated, high-quality links sourced from Google’s top-ranking pages enhance your website’s authority, optimizing your search rankings and driving traffic more effectively.

Why Use Our Premium Backlinking Services?

SEO Agencies

  • Charges you thousands of dollars monthly
  • Generates only a few dozen backlinks
  • Slow service delivery. Not transparent.
  • Primarily English-focused

With Geografixx

  • Prices start at $99 - 100 times more affordable
  • Creates thousands of backlinks - at least 100 times more than what you get from agencies
  • Completes all work within 10 days, providing a full report of links - fully transparent
  • Supports multiple languages, not just English

Frustrated by costly SEO agencies draining your budget? Achieve comparable results with us at a fraction of the cost—100 times cheaper!

Traditional SEO agencies may charge thousands to tens of thousands monthly for just a few to a hundred backlinks.

Our solution? We’re at least 100 times more cost-effective, offering a minimum of 100 times more backlinks, and establishing high-quality backlinks in just a fraction of the time. Experience significant SEO improvements faster, more affordably, and with greater efficiency.

Significant Results Proven By Thousands Of Happy Customers

Want to skyrocket your organic traffic and sales too?


Completely Compliant with Google's Guidelines

Using advanced artificial intelligence, our SEO strategy leverages the latest innovations to identify optimal techniques for generating contextual backlinks across various domains and content formats, strictly adhering to Google’s standards. This approach represents the forefront of SEO industry advancement and automation, ensuring maximum security. Supported by numerous successful case studies, our method consistently boosts Google search rankings.


$ 99
  • 400 New SEO Backlinks
  • 5 Keywords
  • Cancel Anytime

Best Selling

$ 299
  • 2500 New SEO Backlinks
  • 5 Keywords
  • Cancel Anytime


$ 499
  • 5,000 New SEO Backlinks
  • 5 Keywords
  • Cancel Anytime


$ 799
  • 10,000 New SEO Backlinks
  • 5 Keywords
  • Cancel Anytime

Backlinks Frequently Asked Questions

Is this SEO ranking service secure?

Certainly! Our service strictly adheres to white hat practices, ensuring 100% safety. We do not use Private Blog Networks (PBNs). With over 5,000 completed orders and outstanding results, our track record speaks for itself.

Will Google flag these links as spam?
What quality can you expect from our backlinks?
Are all the backlinks high quality?
What is the delivery time?
What's needed to get started?
Are the links dofollow and permanent?
Are the links indexed?
Will I receive a report?
Do you work with non-English websites?
Do you guarantee Google first-page rankings?
If I unsubscribe, will the links disappear?
Can I receive only contextual backlinks?
Are the backlinks created with different IPs?
Are all links indexed immediately?